Rec Tec 590 vs 700 Comparison: Which is The Best For You?

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Pellets grills are the ideal pieces of equipment for food enthusiasts who like making tasty and smoked foods such as smoked ribs. They maintain a low and steady temperature for a prolonged cooking period with no need for adjustments. Most importantly, pellet grills don’t require regular propane refills or charcoal. We are going to compare between rec tec 590 vs 700 models.

But which is the best pellet smoker/ grill you can use or invest in? If you have found your way to this post, you’re probably conflicted about deciding between the RT 590 and RT 700 from Rec-Tec or Recteq. Rec Tec is one of the key players in the pellet smoker industry, making some of the best reliable and efficient pellet grills. It’s one of the manufacturers that has grabbed a significant pellet grill market share despite being in it for nearly a decade.

This post reviews and compares two Rec-Tec outstanding models, i.e., RT 590 and RT 700. It also answers some frequently asked questions.

Verdict: 5 Reasons Rec Tec RT 700 is my Pick

  • RT 700 is large enough to accommodate food for a gathering
  • RT 700 features a more appealing design/ style that includes a smoke-like chimney
  • RT 700 has a larger hopper that can run about 40 hours with consistent heat
  • RT 700 has interior lights that make it easy to cook at night
  • RT 700 comes with a six-year warranty

Rec Tec 590 vs 700 Comparison Table: Features and Specs

Rec Tec 590 vs 700

Type of fuelWood pelletWood pellet
Rack Dimensions (in inches)27”x19”33”x 19”
Main cooking area592 square inches702 square inches
Ignition system Hotflash Ceramic Ignition SystemHotflash Ceramic Ignition System
Temperature range180 to 500 degrees F180 to 500 degrees F
WiFi compatibilityYESYES
Interior lightsNOYES
Outer Material Stainless_steelStainless_steel
Item Weight 160 Pounds200 Pounds
Standard warranty4 Year6 Year
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Rec Tec RT 590 Review

recteq Deck Boss RT-590 Wood Pellet Smoker Grill | Wi-Fi-Enabled, Electric Pellet Grill | 592 Square...
  • 🔥 SMOKY STATS: The Deck Boss 590 offers 590 square inches of cooking space, a temperature range of 180ºF to 700ºF, 30 hours of non-stop cooking with a full hopper, PID Temperature Control, and digital capabilities through the recteq app.
  • 🔥 DO IT ALL WITH ONE GRILL: Smoke, Grill, Sear, Bake, Braise, & even Dehydrate on your recteq wood pellet grill for incredible wood fired flavor every time.
  • 🔥 CONSISTENCY: Rest easy, as our rock-solid PID algorithm will maintain the temperature within 5℉ at all times, so you get better tasting results, every time.

The RT 590 model is an iconic pellet grill and was once called the “The Stampede” before Rec Tec began using numbers for their models. It features a high-quality construction from 304 Stainless Steel all through and standouts to be durable. It also makes it easy to clean and maintain.

The RT 590 model is a fairly compact midsized pellet grill with appealing aesthetics. It’s designed with an octagonal cooking chamber and bull horn-shaped handles. Rec Tec offers this model with 592 square inches on the standard cooking area. The total cooking area is 772 square inches (including the second rack), where you can prepare various foods.

The RT 590 model is an easy-to-use pellet grill with helpful features like the PID controller and Wi-Fi compatibility. They allow control and management of the grill’s temperature from a distance or inside your house. The stand and caster wheel enhances its mobility.

The hopper is big enough to accommodate wood pellets to grill and smoke for a significant period without interruption and at consistent temperatures.

The RT 590 offers reasonable smoking temperatures with a low mark of 180 degrees F to about 500 degrees F, making it suitable for various cooking methods. You cannot ignore the two meat probes that simultaneously allow you to cook two different types of foods or foods of different shapes and sizes. Additionally, you can monitor the temperature of each probe at the same time.

Generally, the RT 590 is an excellent option with some value for your money. It’s high-performing, versatile, and easy to use. Also, maintenance and cleaning aren’t an issue.

A downside of the RT 590 is time consumption while assembling the unit and replacing some of its parts. Also, the wheels can be fragile.

Rec Tec RT 700 Review

recteq Flagship 1100 Wood Pellet Smoker Grill & Grilling Basics Bundle | Wi-Fi-Enabled, Electric...
  • 🔥 ULTIMATE VERSATILITY: Smoke, Grill, Sear, Bake, Braise, & even Dehydrate on your Flagship 1100, all while imparting delicious wood-fired flavor.
  • 🔥 EASE OF USE: With our smart grill technology, connect to your Flagship 1100 from anywhere, anytime. Rest easy, as our PID algorithm will maintain the temperature within 5℉ at all times.
  • 🔥SUPERIOR QUALITY: With high-quality stainless steel and incredibly durable construction, your Flagship 1100 will last a lifetime, and then some..

The Rec Tec RT 7000 wood pellet grill is another great wood pellet, but it goes for a premium price than its counterpart, the RT 590. This model was once called “The Bull.”

Like most of its counterparts Rec Tec, it features stainless steel construction, including the hardware, cooking grates, cooking chamber, firepot, smoke cap, heat deflector, and drip pan. Unlike the RT 590, it’s more modular, thus allowing easy part replacement.

The RT 700 is all easy to use. Starting it is a push of a button, and controlling and monitoring the cooking temperature is done through the REC TEC app on your tablet or phone in the comfort of your house. You can also turn off the grill using the app with the help of WiPellet Connectivity technology.

It also features an interior light which is essential for cooking at night, and the LED temperature display helps you set the right temperature for cooking. It features two meat probes and a hopper that can hold enough wood pellets to cook for about 40 hours non-stop.

This RT 700 is a “beast.”  It can cook enough food for a large family or a significant number of friends gathered in your backyard. The standard cooking space is about 702 square inches and an additional cooking rack of about 352 square inches.

It offers a temperature range of 180 degrees F to about 500 degrees F; thus, it handles various cooking methods from grilling to searing and smoking.In brief, the RT 700 is a user-friendly pellet grill that is easy to clean and maintain. It offers enough cooking space and can cook a variety of foods altogether.

However, it’s large and bulky. Assembling it is also time-consuming.

Rec Tec 590 vs. 700: Comparing Features and Capabilities of Pellet Grills

Both RT 590 and 700 models are great pellet grills. However, they still share some significant differences based on their features and capabilities.


The RT 590 and the RT 700 have some similarities in their design. For instance, both feature a drip pan, stands with caster wheels, stainless steel body, and horn-like handles on the lid. Other similar features entail Wi-Fi compatibility with a PID controller and lower shelves for additional storage.

However, the RT 700 has a more circular shape and a smoke-like chimney on the right side. It’s also about 50 inches tall. 

On the other hand, the RT 590 features a box-like shape and three exhaust ports on the backside. It’s about 43.5 inches tall.


Size is another significant difference between these two models. The RT 700 is bigger and bulky than the RT 590. The Bull weighs about 200 pounds, while The Stampede weighs approximately 160 pounds.

The RT 700 is an ideal choice for someone with a large family, while the RT 590 can cook enough for a mid-sized family.

Cooking Area

As outlined above, the RT 700 is bigger than the RT 590, and so is its cooking area. The RT 700 has a total of 1.054 square inch cooking area,

On the other hand, its counterpart has about 772 square inches, including standard and extra cooking racks.

Hopper Capacity

Hopper capacity between these two pellet grills is also notable. The RT 590 features a 30 lb. hopper size and can run about 30 hours of non-stop cooking with a full hopper. Conversely, the RT 700 has a 40 lb. size hopper that can run about 40 hours with a full hopper.

Temperature Control and Management

Controlling and managing temperature in these two models is easy. Both are WiFi-enabled; thus, you can control the temperature of any of the pellet grills using the Rec Tec App on your phone or tablet. It also entails preheating and turning off your pellet grill from the same app.


Both of these models are efficient and get the job done efficiently. Additionally, their stainless steel construction and design make it easy to clean and maintain.

Both of these models’ ideal temperature ranges from 180 degrees F to 500 degrees F. Therefore, you can cook different foods using various cooking methods such as grilling, searing, and smoking.

Both of these models use a ceramic ignition rod that can last over 100, 000 lighting cycles.


The RT 700 price tag is higher than that of RT 590. This price difference is brought about by notable variations in size and features of the two pellet grills.


Is the Rec Tec 590 big enough?

The Rec Tec 590 is big enough to accommodate food for a mid-sized family and still leaves more room for your few guests.

How much food can you fit on a Rec Tec 590?

The Rec Tec 590 can fit 18 standard-sized burgers, 5 baby back ribs, 6 whole chickens, or 75 chicken wings.

How many racks of ribs can you fit on a Rec Tec 590?

The Rec Tec 590 can fit about 5 racks of ribs

Is the Rec Tec the same as Recteq?

Recteq is the new name of the Rec Tec after it went through a rebranding to enable it to make other outdoor products and accessories in 2020. The “q” on the end was added to emphasize on quality Recteq provides to its customers. Therefore, Rec Tec is the same as Recteq: it resulted from rebranding the manufacturer’s name.


Are you still conflicted about which model to choose to join the Recteq family? The RT 700 is ideal for someone with a large family or who often holds a gathering with a group of friends. The RT 590 is a viable choice for people with mid-size families. As you can tell from the above Rec Tec 590 vs 700 comparisons, size is the most significant difference.

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