Weber Genesis II E-315 vs E-335: The 8 Crucial Things to Know before Buying Your Gas Grill

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The other day, we did a Weber Spirit 310 vs 315 reviews to determine which of the gas grills will be more worthwhile to have. In this post, we’re going to continue on the topic, whereby we’ll compare Weber Genesis II E-315 vs E-335 features and capabilities. Then, at least you can make a more informed decision before investing your money in the wrong equipment.

No, of course, the two are amazing grills to have on the yard and even share a number of features. But then, there are a few perks you might like better on one grill than the other.

Verdict: 6 Reasons Weber Genesis II E-335’s My Pick

  • Weber Genesis II E-335 features a searing station
  • Weber Genesis II E-335 heats up pretty much faster
  • Weber Genesis II E-335 has an expandable top grate
  • Weber Genesis II E-335 comes with an extra side burner
  • Weber Genesis II E-335 has a side lock for cooking grates
  • Weber Genesis II E-335 comes with a Weber Crafted Frame kit

Weber Genesis II E-315 vs E-335: A Peek on the Features and Specs of the Gas Grills

Weber Genesis ii E-315 vs E-335

Weber Genesis II E-335

Weber Genesis II E-315
Grill SeriesGenesisGenesis
Type of FuelNatural GasNatural Gas
Dimensions in inches (w/ lid open)31.1 by 59.1 by 62.231.1 by 59.1 by 62.2
Main Cooking Area 513 sq. inches513 sq. inches
Secondary Cooking Area 154 sq. inches274 sq. inches
Cooking grates MaterialCast Iron (Porcelain-enameled )Cast Iron (Porcelain-enameled )
Total Main BurnersThreeThree
Heat Output39,000 BTU/ hour39,000 BTU/ hour
Grilling TemperatureUp to 600°FUp to 600°F
Rotisserie Kit IncludedNO (purchased separately)NO (purchased separately)
Control TypePhysical Knobs (no night light)Physical Knobs (no night light)
Temperature Gauge MechanicalMechanical
Interior Lights NONO
Smart iGrill 3 Support YESYES
Best Extra Features Has a closed cabinet with doors, plus a fuel level gauge/ meter Has a closed cabinet with doors, plus a searing station & Side burner
Standard (Free) Warranty 10 Years 10 Years
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Weber Genesis E-315 Reviews

As we mentioned in the previous review, the Weber Genesis II E-315 is an excellent pick for grilling large batches at a time. You can grill at the grate of the main cooking area and also slow-cook potatoes on the top warming rack.

Furthermore,  the E-315 gas grill utilizes Weber’s iconic GS4 grilling system, with electric ignition, three burners, flavorizer bars, and a grease management system. Then, the storage space has closable doors to protect your grilling gear against rainwater and dust.

Weber Genesis E-335 Reviews

Are you looking for a versatile Weber grill to own? The Genesis II E-335 here could be a better option if you won’t mind the price tag. It has the main cooking area for grilling and barbecuing with a rotisserie, plus a hotter searing station and a separate side burner.

Even better, Weber has designed the Genesis E-335 with an expandable top rack that can work for warming or cooking. Then, you can also replace the main grate with a Weber crafted Frame kit so the grill can also take a griddle, pizza stone, and a wok.

Weber Genesis II E-315 vs E-335

More on that, continue reading the full Weber Genesis E-335 vs E-315 comparison review below.

Weber Genesis II E-315 vs E-335: Comparing the Features and Capabilities of the Gas Grills


Well, many Weber grills are relatively pricey, and so are our two Genesis models. A brand new Genesis II E-315 has a price tag of $1,031, whereas the E-335 goes for $1,227. But again, is the extra two hundred bucks on the E-335 worth it?

Winner: Weber Genesis II E-315 as it’s about $200 cheaper than E-335


Similar to most Weber grills, the Genesis II E-315 and E-335 usually come with all the basic components to build your system. Such components include the GS4 grilling system, stands, roller casters, side table, and doors for the storage compartment.

But the E-335 grill also comes with the Weber Crafted Frame kit. So, you’ll only need to purchase the extra grillware, including the baking stone, griddle, and wok separately.

Winner: Weber Genesis II E-335 as it comes with the main cooking grate and the extra Weber Crafted Frame kit.

Design/ Style

Overall, the two grills are like identical twins with almost similar appearances, especially on the models with black finishes. However, the Weber Genesis II E-335 takes the points as it has an extra burner on the would-be right working table. Then, the control board has an extra dial to power the searing station for adding your food with distinctive grill marks.

Also, Genesis E-335 stands out from the rest with the Weber Crafted system, as you can now do more with your grill. Then, the inbuilt storage comprises the below cabinet and the side locker for the Weber Crafted frame, cooking grates, and spice bottles.

Of course, the Weber Genesis II E-315 grill also does have a storage cabinet with doors below the GS4 system. But it lacks the other three features.

Winner: Weber Genesis II E-335 as it has the grill locker, side burner, and the special searing station.

Cooking Area

On the chart above, you’ll notice Weber designed the two Genesis grills with similar dimensions. The main cooking area is actually the same- 513 sq. inches after you tuck the secondary top grate.

But the Weber Genesis II E-335 has the option to extend the said top rack to a 274 sq. inches area. Then, you can also use the side burner to boil your corns, lobster, saute veggies, or sauces.

As for the Genesis II E-315, Weber only included the main cooking grate and the standard 154 sq. inches top grate.

Winner: Weber Genesis II E-335 as it has a side burner, plus 120 sq. inches more cooking area than the E-315 grill

Burning Fuel

The two grills take the points here as they all run on gas as fuel. However, Weber designed each to use either Natural Gas or Liquid Propane – not both. But they do come with a 10-foot flexible hose to connect to your gas supply.

Furthermore, the company has added a fuel gauge to alert you when almost out of the gas (if using the 6kg or 13kg tank). And you can also close the gas tank inside the storage cabinet below the grilling system.

Winner: Both as they are gas grills, plus have a fuel gauge and closed cabinets for the tank

Grilling Heat

When we compare Weber Genesis II E-335 vs E-315 on heat output, they both have three main burners with 39,000 BTU output. The burners heat the grates much faster to over 600°F than the pellet grates.

Furthermore, the Weber gas grills have stainless steel flavorizer bars that help distribute heat evenly across the whole cooking grate. Then, the porcelain-enameled grates and lid help ensure the grill retains heat for evenly cooking.

Nonetheless, Weber has designed the Genesis E-335 with an extra sear zone burner that outputs 13,000 BTU/ hour. So, you can switch it on as well if you want your grill to heat up faster or sear some deeper grill marks on your food.

Winner: Weber Genesis II E-335 as the additional searing zone heats up the grill much faster

Cooking Methods

Weber Genesis II E-335 is the clear winner here. As was mentioned earlier, it usually comes with the main cooking grate and the Weber Crafted Frame kit. Thus, making it easier to create food you never thought possible on a grill.

For instance, you can add the Glazed baking stone to make crispy pizza crusts and cookies. You can also get the roasting basket to caramelize veggies and other smaller pieces of meat without the risk of falling. Then, the side burner can boil your pot of water or sauce soup while still grilling on the main grate.

In addition to all that, the E-335 grill, just like the E-315, has a 10-inch tall lid. So, you can attach an electric rotisserie to slow-roast your whole chicken or ribs without a hassle.

Also, both grills have flavorizer bars that vaporize the dripping juices to give your meat that unique “grilling” aroma. But you can also slip the smoker tube box if you want an extra smoky flavor on your dish.

Winner: Weber Genesis II E-335 as it comes with the Weber Crafted Frame kit that offers endless cooking opportunities

Smart Control

Both Weber Genesis II grills rely on physical knobs to control the burners and heating temperatures. The knobs, unfortunately, don’t light up as we saw in the Broil King vs Napoleon review.

But Weber crafted the grills compatible with the iGrill3 smart thermometer if you’d like to monitor your cooking remotely. You can even set the desired cooking temperature via the smartphone app. Thus, allowing you to prepare other foods without worrying about your meat overcooking since the app notifies you upon completion.

Winner: Both grills as you can connect with the iGrill 3 thermometers to monitor your cooking on the phone

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to assemble a Weber Genesis II E 315?

If you’re fast enough and have an extra pair of hands, it’s possible to assemble a Weber Genesis II E-315 in an hour. But when doing everything alone, you can take up to three hours as it also depends on how fast you are.

Which Weber Genesis II is best?

Weber has over a dozen different grills under the Genesis II series. But between Weber Genesis II E-315 and E-335, the latter is the best option from the extra cooking area, sider burner, and more searing heat.

Why are Weber BBQs so good?

Weber is one of the few manufacturers that have been making grills for many years. The company uses high-quality components for the grills to last longer, which is evident with the lengthy warranty.

The Weber BBQs are also great in heat retention from the use of porcelain coating on the grates and lid. Then, the smart iGrill3 control makes it possible to multitask without the risk of overcooking your dish.

Final Thoughts:

At this point, you can now see why I’ve said earlier both Weber Genesis II E-315 and E-335 are amazing grills. Faster heating, a large cooking area, and the ability to monitor your cooking from your smartphone are all features any grill owner would appreciate.

Even so, the Weber Genesis II E-335 is my favorite pick from the extra searing station, side burner, and grill locker. The Weber Crafted Frame kit can also come in handy when you want to enjoy a complete outdoor kitchen or unlock the hidden possibilities of the equipment.