Masterbuilt 800 vs 1050: Which of The Smart Grill Smoker Combo is Worth Buying?

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Are you looking for an industrial-size grill that you can efficiently grill four stacks of ribs and a dozen drumsticks in one go? If yes, this review covers Masterbuilt 800 vs 1050 grills features, performance, and additional perks.

The two are some of the bestselling BBQ grills you can find with a large cooking area. And with charcoal as the fuel, you can smoke your meal to a deliciousness that all your guests will love.

Verdict: #5 Reasons Masterbuilt 800 is the Best Grill

  • The Masterbuilt 800 comes with a griddle attachment
  • The Masterbuilt 800 supports smartphone App as 1050
  • The Masterbuilt 800 is up to $140 cheaper than the 1050
  • The Masterbuilt 800 can cook at up to 710+° temperatures as 1050
  • The Masterbuilt 800 doesn’t take as much storage space as 1050

Masterbuilt 800 vs 1050: Summary Features & Specs of the Charcoal Grill Smokers

Masterbuilt 800 vs 1050
Product Image

Masterbuilt 800 Price

Masterbuilt 1050 Price
Grill SeriesGravity-SeriesGravity-Series
Dimensions in inches  30.50 by 50.90 by 55.1033.07 by 52.17 by 61.02
Finishes OptionsBlack onlyBlack only
Type of FuelCharcoal Charcoal
Main Cooking AreaApprox. 384 sq. inchesApprox. 504 sq. inches
Secondary Cooking AreaApprox. 420 sq. inchesApprox. 548 sq. inches
Cooking grates MaterialCast IronCast Iron
Charcoal Hopper16 lbs.16 lbs.
Lowest Grilling TemperatureTest Result: about 150°FTest Result: about 150°F
Highest Grilling TemperatureTest Result: up to 700+°FTest Result: up to 700+°F
Rotisserie Kit IncludedNO (but compatible)NO (but compatible)
Control TypeOne-Touch ButtonsOne-Touch Buttons
Temperature GaugeYESYES
Built-in TimerYESYES
Best FeaturesSlightly cheaper, a cooking griddle, smaller footprint, & remote smartphone controlLarger cooking area & front table, mobility casters, plus remote smartphone control
Standard (Free) WarrantyOne YearOne Year

1. Who Should Get Masterbuilt 800 Grill?

Technically, the Masterbuilt Gravity Series is all about the homeowners looking for a sizeable grill for a family or crowd. And the model 800 here’s one of the machines on the lineup that you can consider for that.

Of course, the main cooking area is more than 100-square-inch shy of the Weber Genesis II E-315 and E-335 gas grills. But with the top racks on, you can grill enough food for seven to ten people in one run.

Further, the Masterbuilt 800 grill smoker comes with a griddle insert. So, you get to enjoy a full outdoor cooking experience, including making pizzas and pancakes, without having to bring another appliance.

2. Who Should Get Masterbuilt 1050 Grill?

Are you looking for a grill you can efficiently cook for a dozen or more people with ease? The Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 surely fits the bill, thanks to its wide cooking grates and long top racks.

At a 1050-square-inch total cooking area, the grill smoker is actually larger than almost all the grills we’ve looked at before. But similar to the Weber Spirit 310 and 315,  you can pair it with a smartphone to track your cooking food remotely.

Speaking of tracking, the Masterbuilt 1050 has a lid-mounted mechanical thermometer to track the temperature inside the cooking area. Then, the main control is intelligent enough for you to set your desired cooking temperature for a stress-free walkaway convenience.

Masterbuilt 800 vs 1050: Comparing the Features & Perks of the Grill Smokers

Even before we dive into the perks and capabilities of these two grill smokers, you’ll notice in the chart above they have so much in common.

Best of Budget

To be honest, the two Masterbuilt charcoal grills aren’t cheap to own. If it’s the Masterbuilt 800, you must be ready to part with $700 to $800, depending on where you buy. Then, the Gravity Series 1050 will cost you between eight hundred to nine hundred forty dollars.

But compared to the Weber SmokeFire pellet grill (which compares well the two on features), the Masterbuilt smokers no doubt have a more reasonable price. And if it’s still beyond your budget, you can time the days the company’s having the limited-time deals to grab your favorite.

Best of Accessories

At the price you put down, Masterbuilt sends your grill with some, but not all of the grilling accessories you need.

For instance, the Masterbuilt 800 comes with the cooking grate, two warming racks, a griddle, and one meat prob. The grill also has the spot to hook up an electric rotisserie to roast your whole chicken without having to babysit it.

Sadly, however, Masterbuilt doesn’t send the model 800 with the rotisserie attachment. The same goes for the Gravity Series 1050, thereby will have to go back to your pocket and order one separately.

More on that, the Masterbuilt 1500 doesn’t have or support the griddle attachment at the moment. So, the only grilling accessories in the box are the split grates, warming racks, and a single meat prob.

Best of Build & Design

First up, the Masterbuilt 800 and 1050 grills usually come disassembled. After you receive the box, you’ll need to build your grill, which could take you over two hours if doing everything alone.

The good thing with building either of the Masterbuilt charcoal grills is that you get to inspect the components included. And, personally, the company has designed the two systems really well.

If it’s the walls, they’re sturdy steel material, with porcelain coating on the inside for easier cleaning and curb rusting. Then the cooking grates are cast iron, which can grill with you for a while before rust catches up.

Masterbuilt 800 vs 1050

The two grills also have a foldable front table and a fixed side shelf (both stainless steel) you can use as a working surface. Then, they also have plenty of built-in storage, including an open-cart cabinet, side hooks for the tools, and a cable compartment at the back.

When we put together all these metal parts, the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 and 800 grills are heavy to lift. But, luckily, the company did include rolling casters that make it possible to move the grills around with ease.

Best of Hopper Capacity

Unlike the usual smoker grills, Masterbuilt Gravity Series don’t hold the briquettes or lumps of charcoal under the grates. The charcoal hopper, which has a 16-pound capacity in all the models, is on the side- outside the cooking area.

And once you add your charcoal to the hopper, it will fall on the “charcoal grate”, which sits directly above the ash bucket.

So, when you light the fire starter, the charcoal at the bottom of the hopper will burn and turn into ash. Then, gravity will make the floating charcoal want to come down and fall into the fire while pushing the ash into its bucket. Hence, the name “Gravity Series”.

Best of Performance

As was just mentioned, both Masterbuilt 800 and 1050 don’t grill directly on the charcoal. Instead, the hopper has a funnel that takes the heat (and smoke) into the grill manifold that now distributes it to the grates or griddle.

The said funnel consists of a digital fan, which is what pushes the heat from the burning coal to the manifold unit. And the best part, this fan can control the airflow to the cooking area on its own (based on your cooking settings).

So, you won’t need to adjust the vents for temperature regulation like the traditional charcoal smoker.

Speaking of temperature, our Masterbuilt 800 and 1050 can slow-cook at temperatures of 150°F and sear at up to 710°F. They also heat up pretty quickly, but the model 800 will be faster by 2-3 minutes from the smaller cooking area.

It’s worth remembering charcoal grills aren’t as responsive as their gas/ electric counterparts when you adjust the temperature during operation. So, either of our Masterbuilt Gravity Series can take up to ten minutes before changing after you reset the heat level.

Best of Cooking Area

Overall, the Masterbuilt 1050 vs 800 cooking area is where we have a major distinction. The former, as its name advertises, has approximately 1050-square-inch of total area, with about 504-square-inch main grate.

Each of the two warming racks measures about 28 by 9.75 inches, and that will give you a total area of 548-square-inch.

Also, that means you can grill an extra stack of rib and ten more burgers than a person using the model 800.

Yes, as its name, the Masterbuilt 800 has a total cooking area of 800-square-inch, with a 384-square-inch main grate. Then, each of the foldaway warming racks measures exactly 24 by 8.75 inches, which gives a total area of 420-square-inch.

Best of Smart Grilling

Our two charcoal grill smokers will split the point here as they’re not just easy to use. But also include the latest features to enhance the whole grilling experience.

One of the latest features is the digital timer that counts up and down. Then, there’s also the option to set your desired cooking temperature.

Furthermore, both Masterbuilt 800 and 1050 have built-in Bluetooth and WiFi technologies. And while there are still a few areas for improvement, the functions work. Hence, making it possible to track your cooking and even make adjustments remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the Masterbuilt 1050?

The Masterbuilt 1050 is a relatively bulky and huge charcoal grill smoker. Once assembled, it has a big footprint of 33.07 by 61.02 inches and a 52.17-inch height. So, while, indeed, you can grill large amount of food in one go, you’ll need a larger patio space to store it.

How do you smoke on a Masterbuilt 800?

The entire Masterbuilt Gravity Series comprises a grill and smoker combo design. So, you can efficiently smoke your brisket and other foods while grilling with the Masterbuilt 800. You only need to add a couple of wood chunks to the hopper alongside the charcoal, and the smoky aroma will flow to the cooking area together with heat.

What is the difference between the Masterbuilt 560 and 1050?

The grilling quality on the three Masterbuilt Gravity Series smokers is pretty much the same. So, the main difference between the Masterbuilt 560 and 1050 is in the cooking area, front foldable table, and the price.

Can you grill on a Masterbuilt gravity series?

Yes, indeed, you can smoke, grill, and even sear on a Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800 or 1050. You can even add an electric rotisserie to slow-roast a whole chicken and stack of ribs without a hassle.

Final Thoughts

While there is so much to talk about, that’s how Masterbuilt 800 and 1050 compare the main features and performance.

However, a lot of things are similar in the two charcoal grills. The cooking area and the cost are actually the major deciding factors, whereby you can consider the model 1050 if you consistently grill for a dozen or more people.

But again, the Masterbuilt 800 is still my favorite grill in this duo. It’s not only cheaper and large enough for up to ten people. But it can perform all the cooking capabilities of the Gravity Series1050 and more once you’ve added the griddle insert.