How to Use a Smoker Box on a Gas Grill

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Many people are confused about how to use a smoker box on a gas grill. This is how it works! Place your wood chips in the metal container, close the lid tightly and light them with a match or lighter. Turn off one burner of your gas grill at medium heat (or lower) and turn on another burner at high heat. Place the smoker box over the unlit burner so that it is between both burners at an equal distance from each side. Make sure you place aluminum foil under your smoking box before placing it on top of an open flame to avoid damaging its surface. Grill your food over the lit burner at medium to high heat, and the smoker box will do its job of smoking your food.

Remember that you can also use this smoker box on an electric grill by placing it in the indirect heating area. Experiment with different types of wood chips to see what flavors you can create! Applewood is a great choice for chicken or pork, while hickory is perfect for beef or ribs. Have fun with your smoker box and enjoy delicious smoked food.

  • Place your wood chips in the metal container
  • Close the lid tightly and light them with a match or lighter
  • Turn off one burner of your gas grill at medium heat (or lower) and turn on another burner at high heat.

How to Use a Smoker Box?

To use a smoker box with your grill requires some preparation first.

Here’s what you should do:

Preheat the grill either through using charcoal or lighting gas burners for 10+ minutes, then add wood smoking chips/chunks to it until two-thirds are full – but not 100%. If there’s no space below where you plan on placing them (or they won’t fit), position over the heat source and cast-iron handles will distribute evenly without too much problem! Once added carefully light all those wicks so everything catches fire nicely…and let’s BLOW!!!

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Why Use a Smoker Box?

A smoker box is a perfect addition to your outdoor cooking experience. By cutting down on the heat, you’ll be able to grill meats more evenly and get better temperature control out of gas grills or charcoal with its flame limited by wind drafts; but not so much when using smoker boxes! These handy accessories smoke up food quickly in order for their time over coals which adds a rich flavor that cannot be matched by other means alone- like sauces (which often burn).

Where is the Best Position for a Smoker Box?

Placing a smoker box under your grill can be tricky if you don’t have the right place to put it. Some well-designed grills already have this feature, but most smokers come with basic models that wear out over time and need replacing – so make sure before investing in one!

Like all things BBQ related (and household appliances), there are many options when placing or storing their boxes; some people prefer simply sliding them onto hooks attached at either end of our ironing boards while others like me find success by planting mine directly upon its intended resting spot: The barbeque grate alongside where meats/vegetables cooked.

1. What is a smoker box

A common question among smokers. For some, the answer may be clear as day; for others, it’s not so much of an issue and can depend on their personal preference or needs for how thoroughly you filter your cigarettes before lighting up!

2. Why use a smoker box over other grilling method

Groceries are expensive! I know it’s not the most fun thing to think about when you’re out looking for ingredients, but if your budget allows then try buying some high-quality meat and seafood. You’ll find that they stay fresh longer than lower priced items can ever hope too-and flavor is always an issue with cheaper cuts of meats (or even fish).

3. How To Use A Smoker Box On A Gas Grill

Before you can use a smoker box on your gas grill, there are some things that need to be done. The first step in using the device is creating smoke by lighting up one or more wood chips inside of it and then covering them with paper towels so they burn off all their fuel before starting out fresh again; this will take about 20 minutes for each chip depending upon how big its flames were when lit initially!

How to Use a Smoker Box on a Gas Grill

Once these preparatory steps have been completed successfully with no error messages displayed at any point during operations – congratulations because now we’re ready to get started.

To attach our new accessory onto an already-included ball valve stem (which goes into

4. Tips for using the smoker box 

Here are some tips for using your smoker box. You’ll want to make sure that it’s at least 2-3 inches deep, and you can put wood chips or other absorbent material in there as well so the smoke will stay trapped inside of them instead of outgoing everywhere all over town!

5. Recipes that can be cooked in your smoker box

Make your next cookout a tasty one with these delicious recipes. From burgers and dogs to steaks, there’s something for everyone!

6. FAQs about the best way to use the smoker box on your gas grill

I’m sure you’re all very excited about your new Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker, but there are still some things that might make it more enjoyable or convenient for cooking food! One such thing would be making smokies (no pun intended) out of them with this handy dandy smoking kit from propane-powered devices at home stores like Home Depot and Lowes alike – just find one close enough so we can go shopping afterward if needed 🙂


In short, a smoker box is an inexpensive way to add smoky flavor to anything you grill. If this sounds like something that might interest you, here are some tips on how to use one with your gas grill. First off, get the right size of smoker for your needs and make sure it fits in the space between where you’ll be cooking food and the flame zone (the area closest to the burner).

Next up? Add wood chips or chunks at least 30 minutes before grilling anything so they have time to soak up more smokey goodness inside their chamber. Then simply place them over any hot coals or pilot light when ready to cook!