The Black Friday Grill Deals in 2023

Have you always wanted to own a grill? Or have been wanting to upgrade your old cooker but couldn’t meet the usual cost? Check out the ongoing Black Friday grill deals as retailers slash prices to clear their warehouses for the New Year. You can save up to 60% on Char-Broil and other high-end brands that have always been hard to afford.

The actual Black Friday Sales will be until 25th November after Thanksgiving Friday. But from the increased demand during this period, it’s always great to start shopping around early when the stock is still available. And, fortunately, various brands have already started giving out early offers, with up to 50% off.

What is the Best Black Friday Grill Deals In 2023?

In this article, I’ve put together eight of the best Black Friday grill deals that are already offering early discounts. The Weber Spirit E310 is my first recommendation if you need a quality gas grill you can cook with direct and indirect heat. But you can also save big on Blackstone, Hamilton Beach, and Z GRILLS using the following links.

Features cast aluminum body, porcelain-enameled cooking grates, 529 sq. inches cooking surface, three burners, caster wheels, & lid-amounted thermometer

Features a 464 sq. inches cooking plate, hood, ignition system, two burners, side tables, caster wheels, & bottom shelf

Features a 118 sq. inches grate, up to 450°F heat output, hood, viewing window, ready-to-use indicator, & grease drip pan

Features a 572-square-inch cooking surface, 8lbs hopper capacity, adjustable heat knob, temperature display, caster wheels, & storage cabinet

A Summary of the Best Black Friday Grill Deals In 2023

Best Black Friday Grill DealsType of FuelTotal Cooking AreaDimensions (in Inches)
Weber Spirit II (E-310) 3-Burner Gas GrillPropane/ Natural Gas529 sq. inches26.0 by 52.0 by 57.0
Cuisinart (CGG-180TB) Petit Gourmet Portable GrillPropane gas150 sq. inches12.2 by 18.0 by 12.0
 Blackstone 28 (1883) Gas Flattop Griddle GrillPropane Gas464 sq. inches19.5 by 44.5 by 33.5
Z GRILLS (600D) Wood Pellet Smoker GrillWood Pellets572 sq. inches21.1 by 46.1 by 49.1
Royal Gourmet (PD1301S) Portable Flattop GrillPropane Gas316 sq. inches16.3 by 25.0 by 7.9
Char-Broil (20602107) Patio Bistro Electric GrillPlug-in Power320 sq. inches24.2 by 26.0 by 38.5
Hamilton Beach (25361) Electric Indoor GrillPlug-in Power118 sq. inches12.4 by 16.7 by 6.8
Masterbuilt (MB20070210) Analog SmokerPlug-in Power536 sq. inches20.1 by 21.7 by 40.2

1. Overall Best Deal: Weber Spirit II (E-310) 3-Burner Gas Grill

As was just mentioned, the Weber Spirit E-310 is my favorite on this year’s black friday deals on weber grills. True, the open cart design is a little less appealing than the closed models, but it still has a lot to love.

If we start on the build, the three-burner grill has a sturdy cast aluminum cookbox and lid that come with a standard 10-year warranty. The lid does have a porcelain coating like the cooking grates to enhance heat retention and ease up cleaning. Then the side tables are both stainless steel so you can place a hot plate or even a pot without melting.


  • It has a built-in thermometer
  • Can heat the cookbox up to 600 degrees
  • Include caster wheels for easier mobility
  • Has a built-in meter to track the fuel level
  • You can efficiently cook 19 burgers at once


  • It can only have the gas tank outside
  • You have to build it from the scratch
  • Doesn’t come with a rotisserie (buy separately)

2. Best Deal for Camping: Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Grill

The Cuisinart Petit Gourmet is a great option if you’re looking for the best Black Friday gas grill deals for campers. It has everything you need for cooking on the go, starting with a compact size that’s easy to carry and put together.

But even in the small dimensions, the grill is still enough to cook 8 burgers at one time. It has a cooking grate with a porcelain coating for a nonstick surface, protection against rust, plus easier cleanup. And since it works on liquid propane, you can screw on the 16-oz gas bottle or connect to the regular 20lb can.


  • It’s available in various colorful styles
  • Has innovative folding legs for stability
  • Includes a gentle temperature control knob
  • Has a closable lid to lock the heat in the box
  • It also has a removable drip pan to collect grease


  • It doesn’t have a reversible cooking surface
  • Lacks a temperature gauge to track heat level
  • The lid lock is made of plastic (risk of melting)

3. Best Deal of Flattop Griddle: Blackstone 28 Gas Flattop Griddle Grill

Are you looking for a great flattop griddle grill deal? The Blackstone 28 here fits the bill pretty well. It starts with a decent build that features a powder-coated steel body and frame, plus stainless steel burners to curb rusting.

The cooking surface is also decently sturdy, albeit made of rolled steel that you must season to create a non-stick surface. But the model comes with an integrated hood to lock the heat inside the cookbox and ensure faster, even cooking.

Speaking of heating, the flattop griddle station comes with two burners that you can control the heat levels independently. Thus, you can do different types of cooking at the same time.


  • It has built-in side tables
  • The open-cart design has a bottom shelf
  • Includes caster wheels for easier mobility
  • Has a large cooking surface (for 20+ burgers)
  • You can control the temperature at six different levels


  • The caster wheels don’t swivel/ rotate
  • Both  side tables can get extremely hot
  • You can’t adjust the height of the grill legs

4. Best Deal Under $100: Royal Gourmet (PD1301S) Portable Flattop Grill

If the Blackstone 28 above is too huge for your needs, Royal Gourmet has just added the PD1301S Griddle station to its Black Friday grill deals. The grill has a compact design that can be handy to cook your salmon, eggs, or bacon on the go.

It has a quite spacious cooking space where you could do up to sixteen burgers with enough space to flip them. It also has a temperature knob on each of the three burners, which makes it possible to prepare different meals on the griddle plate. Then there’s a removable pan under the cooking plate to catch the dripping grease.


  • It has a piezo ignition system
  • Comes with a free storage cover
  • Effortless to carry & put together
  • Heats the cooking surface so fast
  • You can remove the griddle plate to clean


  • The cooking surface isn’t non-stick
  • It lacks the adapter for a 16-oz propane bottle
  • You may notice the grease drain hole isn’t properly set

5. Best Deal of Pellets Smoking: Z GRILLS (600D) Wood Pellet Smoker Grill

The Z GRILLS 600D is a perfect option if looking for some nice Black Friday deals on pellet smokers you can grab. And what I like best is the Advanced Wood Fire Technology that continues to cook without having to babysit it. How is that?

The Advanced Wood Fire Technology has the wood pellets fall from the hopper gradually depending on your desired cooking temperature. You can adjust the temperature from 180°F for low-and-slow cooking to 450°F.

Furthermore, the wood pellet grill has an innovative fire access door that delivers a direct flame to the cooking grids. Thus, making it possible to sear your meat at 600+°F.


  • It has a convenient side shelf
  • Includes an integrated lighting button
  • Features a spacious cabinet with doors
  • Has a LED display to show the temperature
  • You can smoke two whole turkeys at once


  • The assembly instructions are pretty poor
  • It’s a hassle to clean pellets from the feeder
  • You may notice the lid handle gets very hot

6. Best Deal of Electric Grilling: Char-Broil Patio Bistro Electric Grill

The Char-Broil Patio Bistro is another brand on the early bbq black Friday deals, specifically if interested in no-flare grilling. It prepares your meals on TRU-infrared technology, which you should also know always have even heat distribution.

In addition, the electric grill has a top lid to lock the heat in the cookbox for faster cooking. It also has porcelain-coated grates that have pretty decent heat retention. Then there’s an integrated heat control system with a knob to adjust your desired cooking temperature.


  • It’s simple to build & operate
  • Has a built-in temperature gauge
  • Includes a removable grease drip pan
  • Can handle up to a dozen burgers at once
  • The cooking surface is non-stick & rust-resistant


  • It struggles to do perfect searing on steak
  • The heat drops fast when you open the lid
  • It’s tricky to clean from the electrical components

7. Best Deal of Electric Smoking: Masterbuilt Analog Smoker

The Masterbuilt Analog is an ideal option if looking for the best Black Friday electric smoker deals you can snatch. It’s a 1500-watt heating element and a removable temperature control system with an analog dial to adjust your desired settings.

The cookbox is spacious enough to handle three whole chickens, pork butts, or turkeys. And the provided smoking racks have chrome plating to prevent your food from sticking while also protecting against rust or corrosion.

Furthermore, the electric smoker has a wood chip tray at a convenient, easy-to-remove location. The same can be said for the pan to catch the drippings from your prepared food.


  • It smokes food pretty decently
  • Feels relatively sturdy & durable
  • Effortless to power on & operate
  • Has a built-in analog thermometer
  • The smoker includes tall standing legs


  • It’s not ideal for searing food
  • Doesn’t have mobility caster wheels
  • The temperature gauge is slightly offset

8. Best Deal of Indoor Grilling: Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Grill

Although the last, the Hamilton Beach indoor grill is the top bestseller on the list, with over 17,000 positive reviews on Amazon. It is also one of the best Black Friday indoor grill deals, with up to 40% total savings.

As an electric grill, the brand has a 1200-watt heating element that delivers up to 450°F heat, which is enough for light searing. But you can also adjust the temperature control dial down to 200°F for low-and-slow cooking.

Furthermore, the cooker has a hood to help lock the heat in the cookbox for consistent, faster cooking. And when we speak of cooking, it can handle up to six regular burgers or pancakes at once.


  • It feels sturdy & durable
  • Has a non-stick cooking surface
  • Includes a removable grease drip tray
  • It has an indicator for when ready to use
  • The hood has a window to watch your food


  • It lacks a dedicated on/ off switch
  • Doesn’t have a flattop griddle plate
  • It doesn’t have the best smokeless technology

Final Thoughts:

Be it an upgrade or your first purchase, the eight Black Friday grill deals here can help you achieve your barbecue dream at an unprecedented price. The promotions will give you the best savings on Friday through Monday (Cyber Monday).

But there are usually a lot of people shopping during this period. The chances of missing out on your desired grilling equipment are very high. And for that, you might want to shop early when the deals are still good enough.

All in all, the Weber Spirit II (E-310) is still the overall best deal and my first recommendation. But you can also check Blackstone 28 griddle grill to do delicate cooking or Hamilton Beach (25361)  for an indoor BBQ experience.

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