How to Smoke Mixed Nuts? Guides and Trick

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Hey there! I’m glad that you found my blog post because we’re going to learn how to smoke mixed nuts or only nuts. How do you want your smoked nut?

How to smoke mixed nuts:  This article will teach you the process of smoking mixed nuts and what it takes for a successful batch.  You’ll need a smoker, wood chips, and different types of nuts (pecans, almonds, walnuts).  The first step is soaking the wood chips in water for about an hour before adding them to the fire. Next, put some butter on top of the fire pan and wait until it melts down before adding any type of nut into the pan. The pan should be placed on the top rack of the smoker and left there for about 20-25 minutes. You can then remove them from the smoker, allow them to cool down, and enjoy!

How To Smoke Almonds: Smoking almonds is a great way to enhance their flavor profile.  The most important part of smoking almonds is making sure that they are dry before you start. Wet almonds will not smoke properly.  Soak some wood chips in water for an hour before adding them to the fire. Then place a drip pan with butter on the bottom of your smoker and wait until it melts down before adding your almonds. Smoke them at 225 degrees Fahrenheit for 25-30 minutes and then let them cool down before enjoying!


It’s easy to add a great smoky flavor of your own! You can make these delicious Hickory Smoked Mixed Nuts in no time at all. Toss them on the smoker for 2-3 hours and voila you get tasty, chewy nuts that are perfect as either an appetizer or snack with friends watching games together Watching football is always more fun when there are plenty of food choices to munch on besides just chips & dip

I have this bowl full of mixed nuts they’re so good we never tire of eating from one after another.


For this recipe, I used my little electric smoker. It’s quick to set up as you don’t have to wait for the coals: all you do is put on some foil and go! If your nuts are something other than hickory-smoked mixed Nuts then simply use that specific type of pan in its place.

In about 2 hours’ time (or less), once everything has heated through nicely), your delicious sweet smoked goodness will be ready – just make sure not to leave them unattended while cooking or else they might burn… but hey accidents happen right? 🙂

How to Smoke Mixed Nuts


Sweet and spicy cayenne pepper mixed with garlic powder is combined to make these delicious nuts sweet enough that even your favorite candy lover will love them as a snack. The hickory flavor profiles are still there too, which means they’re going to go perfectly on top of any dish you want tempting favors without having an overwhelming amount!

1. Soak The Mixed Nuts In Water For a Few Hours

Soak the mixed nuts in water for a few hours and then drain them. This will make their skins easier to crack without damaging or breaking any of your teeth

a) Soaked Nuts: The Basic Process

b) In order to start this process, simply fill up your sink (or large container like I did below my kitchen counter) with cold tap water while submerging all listed materials underneath—this includes both raw and already pre-toasted halves from grocery stores near you!

c). Once everything has been fully immersed add two cups

Check the vide about How to Smoke Mixed Nuts.

2. Drain And Pat Dry The Soaked Mixed Nuts

Drain and pat dry the soaking almonds or filberts, then leave them on paper towels for 30 minutes to help remove excess moisture before dehydrating at low heat (130 degrees Fahrenheit)

Place a layer of unskinned individual mandarins in an oven-safe dish like Pyrex with 1-inch extra space all around so they can expand during the cooking process 2b In another bowl combine water/syrup solution ingredients: bring equal parts by volume sweetener such as glucose syrup together with 90 g / 3 tablespoons boiling hot.

3. Add Salt to Taste

I like to add a little more than just the standard amount of salt when cooking, but you can always start with less and then adjust accordingly.

4. Place On a Rack Over a Pan of Water, Cover With Foil And Bake

Put the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes or until you can smell them cooking, then remove from oven.

 “Don’t forget,” I reminded myself as my eyes trained on those words written across an unfamiliar page; “you need some time to yourself before this task becomes too difficult.” Withdrawing into myself felt like such basic human behavior–something we were all born doing but had since forgotten about because life is busy.

5. Remove From Oven And Let Cool Slightly Before Eating!  

Remove from oven and let cool slightly before eating! You know you’re hungry, but still want to enjoy that cake? Well, now it’s even better because I’ve found a way to slice through the warm gooeyness. Here are some tips on how:

Remove your masterpiece when just barely out of the oven- This will give all sorts of room for evaporating moisture while cutting into those delicious layers (trust me) Keep slicing until cuts meet each other again at least five times per inch – It may seem like overkill or wasteful however this is crucial in order not only have an aesthetically pleasing cut surface as well has retaining maximum flavor.


Smoking mixed nuts is a great way to smoke tobacco with your favorite blend of nuts. Many people are making the switch from smoking cigarettes or cigars, which can have chemicals that are not safe for your body. If you want to know how easy it is to make the change and get started on an alternative that will be better for your health, read our blog post about all things related to smoking mixed nuts! Here at Smoke Mixed Nuts we offer premium quality products like this and more so stop by today and take advantage of our low prices!

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