How to Cool Down Your Charcoal Grill

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Have you ever used a charcoal grill before? If so, how often do you think about how to cool it down after use? Most people are quick to answer with “every day” or “as soon as I’m done.” But if your grill is left unattended for too long, the coals will stay hot and continue cooking. This article will help teach how to cool down your charcoal grill in 3 ways that are easy and fast!

1st way: how to cool down a charcoal grill with water.

You can use this method by using an empty container such as a bucket or pot and pouring water over the coals (the hotter they are, the more effective it will be). Once you pour out some of the hot liquid on top of your coals, cover them up for around 15 minutes. This is how long it takes for them to completely die off and become ash. Afterward, spread them apart so that all ashes get exposed to air which will help speed up cooling time even faster!

2nd way: how to cool down a charcoal grill with sand.

This works better than dumping buckets of cold water onto hot coals because not only.

1. Open the lid of your grill for a few minutes to let out some of the heat

The lid of your grill is hot, so don’t open it until you know what to expect.

The last thing anyone wants when cooking at high temperatures like this one is for smoke or flame-induced burns from escaping before they can be contained in some way! You might think that just a few minutes should do the trick but let me tell ya – sometimes even those best intentions go wrong if we’re not meticulous about waiting long enough between steps and making sure nothing’s stuck beneath our grates where sparks could land then catch fire.

2. Pour them into your grill, cover it back up, and wait 10-15 minutes before opening again

Do you know how they say that even a sidewinder can’t stop the sun? Well, when it comes to smoking meat there are two things you should never do. The first is opening up your smoker for any reason other than if something went wrong with the food or temperature readings inside; doing this will cause all sorts of dangerous fumes and potentially ruin whatever was cooking at just about anything less than an hour from now (depending on how long ago I closed). Secondly–and most importantly! –never peek at undercooked goods like burgers as their internal temperatures must stay below 74 degrees no matter what else happens!

3. Repeat this process until you are satisfied

You know that feeling when you’re just about to open a cool drink and then realize it’s even better than expected? Well, I have been an avid collector of empty cans for as long as I can remember. One day my mom brought home some iced tea from the store which had been sitting on our kitchen counter all morning! When she handed me this precious treasure trove inside its metallic majesty – what did we find but two sips worth of sweet tea here before us: brown sugar syrup swirled with tangy juices paraded through delicate arabica leaves like dancing virgins at prom; perhaps these were not only thirsty souls who found themselves captive by thirst (even if temporarily) back in high school but rather any woman.

4. Close the lid tightly so that there’s no chance for any more heat

Your BBQ is a great investment and you don’t want to let it go out on fire, now do you? So, make sure that when cooking again soon after finishing with this one there are no more spirits escaping from its lid!


Yesterday, I grilled hamburgers for the first time. Unfortunately, they were burnt and dry because I didn’t know how to properly cool down my charcoal grill. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to make sure your next grilling session is successful! The above discussed 3 tips on how to cool down the charcoal grill. If you want more information about this topic or need help with other aspects of grilling, give us a call! We would love to show off our expertise and help turn any backyard barbecue into an event that will be remembered by all guests.