The 6 Best 5 Burner Gas Grill Reviews in 2023

Do you own a grill? If so, you might be wondering what the best 5 burner gas grill is for your needs. If you’re like most people, the answer to this question is pretty subjective. Some people prefer a small grill that can fit in a small space, while others find that a big and powerful grill is better for their needs. Whether you have an outdoor or indoor grill, the best 5 burner gas grills on the market today.

Do you have a grill that can hold a lot of food? If so, you’re in luck. The best 5 burner gas grill can accommodate large quantities of food without having to worry about them becoming over-cooked. Additionally, these grills are affordable and easy to use, making them perfect for any cook.

The 6 Best 5 Burner Gas Grill in 2023

As the world becomes more and more digital, it’s important that we keep our environment clean. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you choose the best 5 burner gas grill reviews in 2023. In this guide, we’ll look at the top 6 brands and products in the market today, and give you a behind-the-scenes look at how they design and manufacture their grills. We’ll also provide you with our recommended best buy for each type of grill, so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not to buy one.

1. Cuisinart CGG-8500 Side Five Burner Gas Grill

Best 5 Burner Gas Grill

The Cuisinart CGG-8500 Side Five Burner Gas Grill is the best 5 burner gas grill under $500. With five 10,000 BTU burners, this grill has the power to cook up big meals. Plus, the side burner added extra cooking space provides plenty of room for food prep. The cast-iron cooking grates keep your food warm and retain heat, making it great for grilling.

With a total of five 10,000 BTU burners and an additional 12,000 BTU side burner, this grill has all the power you need to get your food cooked just the way you like it. The cast-iron cooking grates are great for retaining heat, and the Prep Space allows you to cook up a storm without having to move your food around.


  • Heat output
  • Heat distribution
  • Easy to clean
  • Temperature Control
  • Easy to assemble
  • Total cooking power of 50,000 btus
  • Total cooking space of 460 square inches
  • Heating and cooling rack for additional cooking space
  • Stainless steel construction for durability

2. Dyna-Glo DGB515SDP-D 5 Burner Propane Gas Grill

The Dyna-Glo DGB515SDP-D the best 5 burner gas grill under $400 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-quality open-air grill. With a total primary BTU of 60,000, this grill offers an impressive amount of cooking area. Plus, the side burner is 12,000 BTU and can be used to cook large quantities of food at the same time.

With a total primary BTU of 60,000, this grill can cook up a lot of Smoke. It also has 12,000 BTU of cooking area, making it perfect for smoking large quantities of meat or seafood. Plus, the side burner is able to give you plenty of heat for those tough smoking tasks. This grill.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Heat distribution
  • Value for money
  • 5 burners at 12,000BTU each
  • Total primary BTU is 60,000
  • Side burner is 12,000BTU
  • Total BTU is 72,000

3. Broil King 958347 Regal S590 Pro Gas Grill

The Broil King 958347 Regal S590 Pro Gas Grill, 5-Burner, Stainless Steel is the perfect steakhouse or home barbecuing appliance. With patented stainless-steel Dual-Tube burners and the innovative Flav-R-Wave stainless steel cooking system, this Regal S590 Pro will give you even temperatures across the cooking surface ensuring juicy and delicious results. The durable cooking grids are solid rod 9mm stainless steel cooking grids that are up to 56% heavier than those incomparable.

The durable cooking grids are up to 56% heavier than those in comparable grills, providing great heat retention and giving bold sear marks; stainless steel provides lasting durability so your grill is.


  • Sturdiness
  • Value for money
  • Easy to assemble
  • Patented stainless-steel Dual-Tube burners
  • Inventive Flav-R-Wave stainless steel cooking system
  • 5-Burner, 5,000 BTU main burner
  • Solid rod 9mm stainless

4. Heavy-Duty 5-Burner Propane Gas Grill – Stainless Steel Grill

The Heavy-Duty 5-Burner Propane Gas Grill – Stainless Steel Grill, 4 Main Burner with 1 side burner, 52 originally came with a 4-year warranty. Now comes with a 5-year warranty! It was the best 5 burner gas grill in 2023.

Performance-oriented design that will make grilling up a breeze. With its electronic ignition system, this grill is capable of starting quickly and evenly, even in difficult situations. The four primary burners are composed of stainless-steel tubing for long-term durability.


  • 4 main burners with 1 side burner
  • Stainless steel and powder coated surfaces
  • LED light show
  • Electronic ignition system
  • EASY TO START- just press a button to start grilling
  • Stainless steel and powder-coated surfaces, as well as the side shelves, ensure that this grill will last even under the harshest situations

5. Megamaster 720-0982 Propane Gas Grill

The Megamaster 720-0982 Propane Gas Grill is the perfect way to cook up a storm. With its primary cooking area of 474 sq. inches, this grill can cook up a storm for your entire family. Plus, the electronic ignition makes it easy to start and keep this grill cooking all night long.

The Megamaster Propane Grill is the perfect option for the home cook who wants to enjoy a delicious and healthy meal without breaking the bank. This grill has a total of 50,000 BTU, making it capable of cooking large quantities of food with ease. The electronic ignition ensures that your meal will be cooked evenly and quickly, while the warming rack provides even heat distribution, making it perfect for busy cooks.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Value for money
  • Total 50, 000 BTU
  • 474 sq. Inches cooking area
  • Electronic ignition
  • Black design
  • Grill has a durable powder coat finish

6. Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 57569 Brahma

The Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 57569 Brahma 90,000 BTU Grill Head, Natural Gas is the perfect solution for backyard smokers. With its 90,000 BTU of cooking power, this grill head can easily sear your favorite cuts of meat.

Natural Gas is perfect for grilling up your favorite cuts of meat. With a ninety thousand BTU cooking power, this grill head is capable of quickly searing your favorite foods. The 5 cast stainless steel bar burners are designed for years of trouble-free cooking and the 304 stainless steel construction ensures that this grill head will last a long time. The 1026 sq. inches of the cooking surface is perfect.


  • 90,000 BTU grilling power
  • Electronic ignition system
  • 5 cast stainless steel bar burners
  • 1026 sq. Inches of cooking surface
  • Heats up fast and can easily sear your favorite cuts of meat
  • 5 Cast Stainless Steel Bar Burners for years of even heating and trouble-free cooking
  • 304 stainless Steel construction, a single piece dual lined Hood and

Buying guide

A gas grill is a powerful type of grill that works by using propane tanks or natural gas to heat up its metal grates so you can hear your food on it with delicious caramelized crusts. Most of these grills also come with controls so you can easily set the right temperature for the job at hand without having too much trouble. This allows you to slowly cook certain types of meat like beef briskets or pork shoulders while applying heat directly to the surface of your choice to get that nice crisp texture.

Build Quality

We carefully selected the five products in this guide to provide you with an excellent, high-quality grill. The unit should be made of hard-wearing materials that will last for many years. Gas grills made from stainless steel are incredibly rust resistant and can withstand higher temperatures; aluminum is also durable but less fun to clean than cast iron, so it might not be your ideal choice if you’re looking for a grilled experience. However, the cooking grates ought to be made of cast iron as they deliver a greater grilling experience while being easier to clean after use than stainless steel!


If you have a limited backyard or patio space, the grill needs to be at least two meters away from flammable materials and your house. Just like with any other object in your yard or patio, it is important to use caution when cooking on the grill.


Look for a product that comes with a decent warranty. This indicates that the manufacturer is confident in the product, and if there are any problems with it, they will take care of them. A 10-year warranty on grills would be ideal, but some grills are warranted for up to 10 years! Even so, you may never have to use the warranty as there are very rare cases of gas grills becoming faulty. Some issues can often be down to low-quality parts or misaligned holes otherwise you may never have to use it.

Price range

There are many 5-burner gas grills on the market, and it can depend on what type of grill you choose. For instance, the Broil King Regal S590 Pro will set you back hundreds of dollars, whereas the Char-Broil Performance 550 costs around $350. It’s all down to quality because there are so many different models available out there.


Can I convert a liquid propane grill to natural gas?

Liquid propane grills use natural gas to cook food. However, converting a liquid propane grill to natural gas can be difficult. The two main types of gas grills are electronic and manual. electronic grills are more common, but they’re not as easy to convert to natural gas as manual grills. To convert a liquid propane grill to natural gas, you’ll need:

  • A natural gas adapter
  • A natural gas tank
  • An electronic grill
  • The propane tanks
  • The food
  • And the instructions

How wide is a 5-burner grill?

Grill grates come in a variety of sizes, but the most common is the standard 4-inch. Grill manufacturers often create grill grates that are specifically designed for smokers. This means that the grate is wide enough to fit a large number of pellets and it has a wide enough opening to accommodate the cooking area. However, if you’re planning to use a pellet grill for smoking meat, you should get one with a larger grating surface.

How much does a 5-burner gas grill weigh?

Did you know that a 5-burner gas grill can weigh up to 100 pounds? This is according to, and many people are surprised to learn this. The reason for the weight is because of all the fuel it takes to operate a gas grill. Most 5 burner gas grills use propane, which can be a weighty fuel.

How do you clean gas grill burners?

Do you know how to clean gas grill burners? If you don’t, it’s time to get started. Cleaning a gas grill is important because it helps prevent the fire from becoming too large and causing a tragedy. Here are some tips on how to clean a gas grill burner:

  • 1. Make sure the grates are free of food and grease.
  • 2. Remove any obstructions from the burner area.
  • 3. Wipe down the burners with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel.
  • 4. Put out all of the fire hazards before cleaning begins by leaving the grill unplugged and closed for at least 30 minutes


In conclusion, we can say that with so many different types of gas grills on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best for you. However, this list of Best 5 Burner Gas Grill should help make that decision easier. We’ve researched and selected models that are perfect for outdoor spaces and offer all sorts of features to meet your needs. Whether you want a grill with easy cleanup or one without flare-ups, there’s something here for everyone!